Democrats on the hunt for their perfect candidate





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IraqiVet49 · a month ago

Well, that looks like an impossible task. What have we got; A gay, hated by homosexuals and distrusted by most African-Americans, who lacks experience on the bigger stage. A billionairre with the personality of a mollusc, disliked by African-Americans who has made a little ground while trying to buy the Presidency. A tired old ex favourite who thought that just turning up would be enough, and heading for an ‘early bath.’ A woman who professes to be 0.0000001 Native American, and a champagne Socialist who surrounds himself with Anti Americans and would financially ruin the U.S A If he got anywhere near the White House. And Amy Klobuchar. Trump must be shaking in his boots!

LukeBizzare · a month ago

Interesting analogy, I Iike it.