Democrats ponder a coup d'Bernie





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Newsroom · 8 months ago
patkgreen · 8 months ago

Bernie Sanders will not be allowed to get a smell of the White House, let alone Preside within it. Communism and anti Americanism will be a non starter for both sides.

SilentEyes · 8 months ago

Sanders must be stopped. His 53 trillion budget proposal for teenage freebies, Medicare for all…including illegal migrants, his decriminalization plans for those who illegally cross our borders, his supporters rejection and criminal position of protecting and hiding illegal migrants in Sanctuary cities… putting our own people at risk whilst opposing our security forces makes this mans ‘vision’ for our great Nation…untenable.

truth_hurts · 8 months ago

There is not a prayer the DNC or superdelegates will let him be the nominee. Nancy Pelosi publicly states she will support whoever the nominee is knowing full well it will never be him.