Do we really have climate scientists? Is Jane Fonda a climate scientist?





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JacePearce · 7 months ago

I have heard completely conflicting reports
from scientists. On one side, ‘the world will
end by…’, and on the other side, ‘yes, climate change is an issue, but the issue is
insanely overblown’.
The Soros backed puppet, Greta Thunberg
was scooped from nowhere to be the
centre point of this politically charged
‘movement’ who have become famous
for supergluing themselves to airplanes,
trains, and anything else that will cause
major disruption, and anger to the normal
working people.
Couple that with the hypocrisy of climate
supporters like Bono, returning on
his supersonic jet, to retrieve a baseball
cap and the , ‘grey’ areas are there to be
The middle class, white activist kids who
invaded London recently, glue and
reefer in hand, did not endear themselves
to the Brits by closing parts of London
for 10 days, these activists need to
find a better ‘vehicle’ for shouting their
case, and to be taken seriously, rather
than hitting places like London, whose
carbon emissions are 5 or 6 times lower
than China, well below India and many
others. Plus, let’s have some solid, honest

Fubiz · 7 months ago

You summed it up really well. Climate “science” has nothing to do with real science, but with politics, and green capitalism.

SleepyJoe · 7 months ago

Suddenly, all and sundry have become
climate scientists ???
Someone will be making a few bucks
out of this.