Epstein's death demands investigation and not conspiracy theories





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ashandkev · 9 months ago

There will never be a fair investigation, I suspect that everything will be swept under the carpet to protect the people who paid for Epstein’s demise.

LukeBizzare · 9 months ago

There should certainly be a full investigation, but Epstein’s little black book containing names of those who were allegedly part of his inner paedofile ring may also contain some of those investigators.

Absinthe_Mind · 9 months ago

Congress should certainly investigate Alexandra Acosta, who allowed Epstein to reside at his mansion by day and slept in his cell at night. This ‘sweetheart deal’ for a man convicted of a sex crime has ‘politically motivated’ written all over it. The other questions that need to be addressed are, how was video evidence relating to Epstein’s first ‘suicide attempt’ lost, who was responsible for this? We’re the prison guards coerced, and ‘looking the other way’ on the day of Epstein’s supposed suicide, and why were medical records, post mortem, not disclosed especially as Epstein’s Brother, Mark had hired a top notch forensic team who found a puncture mark on Epstein’s arm, and many inconsistencies to suggest it was more likely that Epstein had been murdered. Finally, Nick Tartaglione, the huge, ex cop who was facing the death penalty for slaughtering four drug dealers, what on earth were the authorities thinking putting him in a cell with paedofile Epstein? Tartaglione was supposedly in the cell with Epstein at the first suicide attempt, and his lawyer says that the missing video evidence would prove that Tartaglione was helping Epstein, maybe this is a bluff and a deal had been made here? It is no conspiracy theory that both Trump and Clinton plus a plethora of wealthy ‘clients’ knew Jeffrey Epstein very well, and Clinton allegedly flew up to thirty times on the so called ‘Lolita Express’ and was a regular guest of Epstein. There is far too many factors here to suggest any conspiracy theory, and too many ‘high rollers’ involved for foul play not to be seriously considered at the highest level.