Five Takeaways on What Trump Knew as the Virus Spread





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truth_hurts · 7 months ago

Vague article…facts below
December 31st-China states a new virus exists
January 20th-China states first human to human transmission of new virus and 239 cases.
January 20th-First US case in Seattle
January 24th-First US Covid FDA test approved
January 29th-US COVID Task Force established
January 31st-Trump travel restrictions from China except American fleeing
February 12th-Test kits not working properly
February 13th-15 cases in America
February 29th-FDA relaxes rules to expedite response
March 1st-only 89 US cases/New York City 1st case
March 14th-European travel ban (decimates his own economy) only 4000+ cases in US with population 320 million