Gabbard: Clinton is taking my life from me





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@IraqiVet49 IraqiVet49 · #Newsroom · 9 months ago
magahat · 9 months ago

Of course Hillary will suffer no consequences. Not because she is not guilty, but because she is very powerful.

SleepyJoe · 9 months ago

I hope you sue her a** Gaby. But don’t bet on it as Hillary is a past master at getting away with far worse, allegedly

Fubiz · 9 months ago

You would have thought that Hillary, the bad smell that just won’t go away, would’ve faded into the background after her 2016 disaster, but she has recently snubbed Sanders, to an extent by refusing to confirm her backing him. Her slandering of Tulsi Gabbard is vindictive and without any substance, what is she up to, maybe she is considering coming into the leadership fray and leaving her scent. It may actually liven up a tired campaign if Hillary enters.

FireStorm · 9 months ago

Gabbard has a right , Hillary went after her to smear her name, with the ‘well versed’ Russian obssession line, that pours out of the mouth of many Democrats ad nauseum. Gabbard proudly served her country, what has Hillary actually done?