George Soros on China





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@JibbaJabba JibbaJabba · #Newsroom · 3 years ago

“I consider Xi Jinping’s China the worst threat to an open society. We should recognize it: It’s a different system, totally opposed to ours, diametrically opposed to ours. I’m not anti-Chinese at all. I’m just anti Xi Jinping.”

JacePearce · 3 years ago

George Soros is an odious relic with great
experience in dividing Nations for his
political gain, with great financial rewards.
Rothschild disciple who ruined Yugoslavia,
was sent packing by Orban, and continues
to be at liberty?

Absinthe_Mind · 3 years ago

Soros is anti everything that does not suit his many businesses. He is the worst threat to this world.