Germans think that Trump is a bigger threat than Kim, Putin and Xi Jinping





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@JacePearce JacePearce · #Newsroom · a year ago
SilentEyes · a year ago

Strange that they would think so. Especially since Trump is of Scottish and German origins.

Fubiz · a year ago

The arrogance and out of touch mentality of Merkel and co never ceases to astound me. They hate Trump, hate Russia and Putin (but buy their oil) and swamp their Nation with people that don’t like them, for votes, and now regret it!? You can bet that if and when WW3 comes along, the Germans once again will be in the thick of it.

SleepyJoe · a year ago

Which Germans took part in the poll? Was there a fair mix between those born in Germany and those recently arrived?

patkgreen · a year ago

The Germans and the French are putting their money aside to implement the new E.U army (also known in some quarters as the 4th Reich). They have no love for the U.S and a hatred for non hard left Government. Puppets of the fading Brussels model.