FireStorm · 22 days ago

And so he should. He has been dishing out
the deceitful dirt relentlessly for three
years…get him in there.

CyberWorrier · 22 days ago

Why would Schiff be called to testify? He had no connection with Ukraine.

ashandkev · 22 days ago

It is about time we saw the odious Schiff,
squirm under oath.

Absinthe_Mind · 22 days ago

I have thought all along, that this whole
impeachment scam and the resulting
‘Chinese whispers’, starting with Schiff/
Pelosi and ending with the likes of C.N.N…
(after comments made by these whistle
blowers)… are farcical.
How can this case be taken seriously,
when the whistle blower only acted upon
hearsay, and is not required to be present
because of this?
The Dems, realise that their is a huge
conflict of interest, as the whistle blower
was allegedly in touch with Schiff’s team,
and had links with the Obama/Biden
Schiff must be called upon, under oath
to testify, and answer some of these
leading questions.
We will find that their are no grounds
for this case to continue, and it will
be kicked out of court.