Hillary Clinton opening old wounds



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Newsroom · 6 months ago
stablegenius305 · 6 months ago

Bernie backed Hillary in 2016 for the sake of party unity, and of course to beat Trump. Hillary hasn’t got party interests at heart, just her own self possessed, self agenda…she is rapidly running out of people who actually take her seriously.

CyberWorrier · 6 months ago

He supported her because it is the matter of party discipline. She would also support the candidate who wins a NOMINATION.

anedler · 6 months ago

She is so frustrated for her husband ignoring her to sage other women. Her wound will never be healed.

LukeBizzare · 6 months ago

She is a mean and bitter woman indeed. She is not needed in our politics.

magahat · 6 months ago

I beg your pardon?

JacePearce · 6 months ago

Hillary just cannot keep away from the fray. She lost an election and she is still feeling “entitled.” Divisive, bitter and an embarrassment to the Democrats.