"I'll sit out this presidential election"



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Newsroom · 9 months ago
ronjedi · 9 months ago

We can all need to make a brave decision here… vote for Bernie and really turn this upside down, or cower in fear behind the failed Reganism mentality of Trump… The world has changed, the past generations have taken too much, the addicts of the 50s “American dream” need to retire. There was no dream, it was built on sexism, racism, and ignorance towards our planet. We all need to be accountable, heal, and pay back. We need to educate, heal, and house our countrymen. The wealthy who have taken with thier lack of ethics should pay for this, the oil companies who have laid waste to our earth should pay for that, wallstreet brokers high on cocaine clumsily making decisions that hurt the base American need to pay for that.

Youngguari · 9 months ago

He does not like Trump and he will sit out this presidential election…Well, my friend that is the best way of ensuring that Trump wins. Do you want a medal for that?