Is Trump impeached or not?





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Everyone was surprised when Noah Feldman, who testified against Trump during the impeachment hearings, said that Trump is not impeached until the articles are released to the Senate. Some are saying that Feldman got carried away, because the House is in charge of the impeachment, while Senate is in charge of the trial. Others are saying that Feldman is right, because withholding the articles is unconstitutional.

I truly believe that Feldman was trying to stir up some dust here-without any need. There is a clear, terminological and logical difference between impeachment and trial. Impeachment means that the president is impeached, whereas the trial means that he is removed or acquitted. For now, he is impeached.

SilentEyes · 5 months ago

If these articles are never released, than it really means that he was not impeached. Because impeachment and Senate trial cannot exist without one another. They are both parts of the same institute.