ISIS bride Shamima Begum still trying to return to the UK





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@Absinthe_Mind Absinthe_Mind · #Newsroom · 5 months ago
SleepyJoe · 5 months ago

She made up her mind. People like this should never be allowed to return to their home countries. She can go back to Pakistan.
She says her only job was to make babies, and expects people to believe her?

chopsuey · 5 months ago

Some people have no shame.

CyberWorrier · 5 months ago

This woman left the U.K with 2 friends at
the age of 15, specifically to join I.S.
She married an I.S fighter…who was killed,
lost a couple of kids, and was boasting
about her jihadist life.
Her family are in Britain claiming benefits,
and she expects to come back here amongst
people who she had no hesitation in opposing (check her interviews) to get
unemployment, child and housing
benefits. I don’t think so Shamima!

IraqiVet49 · 5 months ago

She made her decision, condoned beheadings. Let her ‘adventure’ continue but not in the U K!