Johns Hopkins and Gates Foundation Hosted Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation Last October





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Newsroom · 13 days ago
magahat · 13 days ago

Dangerous billionaires at play, some of them allegedly involved within the Epstein circle.

Ive_got_a_sword · 13 days ago

I’ve said before that this pandemic has proven very helpful for Globalists like Bill Gates. Kicked out of India for implementing vaccines that led to sterilization, and allegedly a keen advocate of de-population. The only way Trump was going to be denied a 2nd term (he will succumb) was if we had a financial crash, the timing of what is happening right now is hugely suspicious.

gobuddy · 13 days ago

This is incredible…why are more people not talking about this?!

JacePearce · 13 days ago

Maybe because most hospitals run scenarios of this kind, in preparation for some future pandemic?

gobuddy · 12 days ago

And it was a coincidence that they were simulating coronavirus pandemic?

FireStorm · 13 days ago

This is certainly scary stuff!