Johnson's lead has been halved



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@SleepyJoe SleepyJoe · #Newsroom · 6 months ago
FireStorm · 6 months ago

I don’t believe these poll figures for one
Just wishful thinking.

IraqiVet49 · 6 months ago

The Tories will recover due to the
people’s suspicion/dislike of Jeremy
His open door policy regarding immigration
will be under massive scrutiny, with the
recent atrocity on London Bridge
offering a stark reminder of the
folly attatched to this policy.
Couple this with the Anti-Semitism
scandal within his party, and his links
with terrorist groups, and voters will
not be willing to risk their security
in trusting this man.

SilentEyes · 6 months ago

This will be of huge concern to Boris
Johnson and the Tories, who until recently
had a healthy majority.
Johnson’s refusal to go head to head
with Andrew Neil… who destroyed both
Swinson and Corbyn, shows his uneasiness
in debating/answering questions on a one
to one basis.
Labour are gaining substantial support
from the Lib Dems, and Johnson will
be nervously looking over his shoulder.