Leftists Blame Trump for Rise in Antisemitism After Hanukkah Attack



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@magahat magahat · #Newsroom · 5 months ago
carolinatarheel · 5 months ago

Evil Democrats in Congress blame everything on our duly elected president!

Had President Trump not been elected, we would never have known just how evil and corrupt the Democrats in Congress really are!

President Trump stands up for what’s best for all Americans and we should stand up for him!

America First!

CyberWorrier · 5 months ago

Elected by an electoral college. Not by American people.

LukeBizzare · 5 months ago

Trump is totally FOR the Jewish people, and the left are using this horrifying attack politically in order to win points…this is a disgrace, and they should be ashamed of themselves, but have no shame. As far as Giuliani is concerned, yes he is a Catholic, but I agree with his statement about being “more Jewish” than George Soros, as this evil philanthropist has proved over the years that he is Godless.

CyberWorrier · 5 months ago

They are not blaming him for this particular attack, but for the fact that he has created the atmosphere of HATRED in the US. Can you deny that?

Ive_got_a_sword · 5 months ago

Aha, the new warped ploy from the left…just in case it gets them an extra vote or 2. LET’S BLAME TRUMP. Cretins.