Media bias against Boris Johnson





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Absinthe_Mind · a year ago

Johnson deserves criticism for
ducking out of the Andrew Neil
Corbyn was savaged by Neil, but at
least he had the courage to confront
For many, Boris’ bumbling, pantomime
persona, doesn’t cut the ice.
He is fortunate that the electorate
dislike Corbyn even more, oh for a
centrist, sensible, voting option!

CyberWorrier · a year ago

The media outlets mentioned, have a pro Corbyn stance, as well as the Guardian.
I saw the word ‘objectivity’ mentioned
below…forget about that!

IraqiVet49 · a year ago

First of all, the goal of the so-called “objective media” should not be to take sides and “educate the public”-but to be objective.
Their goal should be to provide everyone with objective information, listen to all sides, and let people decide based on that information.
Their goal should not be to “educate the public”. That is paternalistic.

FireStorm · a year ago

‘Objectiveness’ has not been part of
the BBC or Channel 4’s dna for some
time now.
Both these channels are openly left
wing and many BBC license payers
are up in arms about this acute media
The BBC, (whose reputation will forever
be tarnished by the Jimmy Saville
paedofile scandal), have sought to
unrepresent non Liberal/left wing
major figures in politics whilst
giving air space to marginal anti
Brexit ‘nobodies’ like Anna Soubret,
to follow their political agenda, and
to patronise Brexit supporters with
insulting jibes calling them ‘little
Englanders’ and racist.
The license fee should be scrapped, as
the BBC do not represent the public
as a whole, and will never be respected
until it does it’s job properly, offering
a balanced , objective service .