Nikki Haley now claims that whistleblowers should be protected





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@IraqiVet49 IraqiVet49 · #Newsroom · 4 months ago
Fubiz · 4 months ago

Nikki Haley is still undecided on her political course. She is first defending Trump, the next thing you know, she claims that the whistleblower should be protected. It looks like she is keeping her options open. Very ambitious woman.

LukeBizzare · 4 months ago

It is obvious…that woman is a joke. She is sending mixed signals because she is trying to assess what is best for her political career…and it seems that it is changing day by day. She is offering herself (politically) to whoever gives her more money. Pathetic and sad.

gobuddy · 4 months ago

Nikki, so we need to protect our laws? Would you care to point out which part of the Whistleblower Protection Act protects their anonymity from third persons? They enjoy protection only from the inspector general.

SleepyJoe · 4 months ago

Nikki Haley, well that’s a blast from the past.