No facts or evidence in the impeachment inquiry





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #Newsroom · a year ago
Facts · a year ago

Actually it’s the president that presents zero facts or evidence in his defense. Prove me wrong I’ll wait.

gobuddy · a year ago

Are you kidding? How is he supposed to present evidence when he is not allowed to have his own witnesses? All these witnesses were called by the Dems.

SilentEyes · a year ago

I am disappointed in the content coming
from the witnesses testimonies.
We were promised ‘breaking news’,
and huge progress being made to
oust Trump, and we are not anywhere
near that.

Fubiz · a year ago

This hearsay, harrassment farce has
become tiresome for the American
people, who can see right through
the partizan charade.
Trump derangement syndrome will
not deprive him of a second term.