Ocasio-Cortez: Biden winning because of rampant voter suppression





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SleepyJoe · 17 days ago

No AOC, Sanders is losing ground because of Anti Americans like you who wish to see the U.S as a type of ‘Dodge city’ where illegal immigrants have the same rights as good tax paying Americans while crime goes through the roof. As a result, your support is dwindling as the American people and the Establishment have rejected the likely carnage involved if Sanders Socialist revolution was to be voted in, and have gone with Sleepy Joe. Game over.

LukeBizzare · 17 days ago

Make up your mind AOC, first you say that voters were waiting in line for 1 hour and suddenly it becomes 7! Americans dems are now backing the retarded Biden as the DNC will never embrace the ruinous policies of Independent socialist Red Bernie. Suck it up and prepare for Trumps second term.

truth_hurts · 17 days ago

I truly can’t wait until this idiot is voted out and she returns to bartending.

patkgreen · 16 days ago

Have you lost your mind? I do not want her anywhere near my cocktail.

truth_hurts · 16 days ago


magahat · 17 days ago

Wow, this vile woman has identical eyes to Adam Schiff, maybe it’s now the crooked democrat look.