truth_hurts · 6 days ago

Peoples lives were ruined because they were stopped for a couple minutes and frisked? Maybe we need to toughen up society a bit if that actually ruined peoples lives. Or was it the illegals guns found on those frisked whose “lives were ruined” because they went to jail?

stablegenius305 · 7 days ago

The very same Ocasio-Cortez who tells ‘sanctuary city’ residents to block ICES removal of illegal immigrants. That is a higher crime, as she would in turn make those residents vulnerable to harm from those she would rather protect.

LukeBizzare · 7 days ago

How many lives were saved through ‘stop and frisk’…just asking.

Ive_got_a_sword · 7 days ago

Bloombergs ‘stop and frisk’ was very effective in quelling crime under Bloomberg. The fact that he was targeting ‘racial minorities’ for drugs, knife and gun crime was because the main percentage of crimes were carried out by these people. Bloomberg has been apologetic (as he looks for African American votes…and has 3 new endorsements) as his money starts to make a small dent towards his progress. An America with the likes of Sanders and Cortez at the helm, with their open door immigration free for all, would be so much more damaging than anything Mike Bloomberg has been involved in.