One thing everyone is missing



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@patkgreen patkgreen · #Newsroom · 7 months ago

I think there is one thing that everyone is missing, and we are too focused on quid pro quo. OK, let’s say that there was quid pro quo. Trump conditioned his release of military aid on Ukraine starting the investigation into Bidens. But that still leaves us with one unanswered question…what was Trump’s intent? Was he genuinely concerned about Ukraine interference in the 2016 election? Or was it only his attempt to dig up some dirt into his political opponent? I believe it is the former. Biden is simply not dangerous enough, as we have all seen. But the whole country potentially interfering in the 2020 election…is a cause for concern.

SilentEyes · 7 months ago

That intent can be deduced from quid pro quo. Prove quid pro quo, and you are a step away from proving that Trump’s intention was to cast Biden in a bad light.