Pelosi pressured by Senate Democrats to send impeachment articles





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@LukeBizzare LukeBizzare · #Newsroom · 2 years ago
Aquaifer · 2 years ago

Will Senate give a fair trial is the question. If not, she can withold.

SilentEyes · 2 years ago

She is acting as if she is President…God help us. First of all the Democrats are in impeachment frenzy mode, now Pelosi continues to sit on the paperwork. Time to be assertive Nancy!

carolinatarheel · 2 years ago

Had President Trump not been elected, we would never have known just how evil and corrupt the Democrats in Congress really are!

Thank God for President Trump!

America First!

stablegenius305 · 2 years ago

Pelosi is using this delay in order to get some more dirt on Trump, that is understandable, to a point. The country just want to get this Senate vote done, the impeachment of Trump is overshadowing more important political issues and the race for the Democratic candidate. Trump will get through the Senate hearing, we all know that. Nancy, get this done so we can get back to some kind of normality…then carry on digging.