Prince Andrew and Epstein: Key questions answered



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #Newsroom · 6 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 6 months ago

If Andrew sets foot in the U.S, he will
be obliged to answer many questions.
His lack of judgement and alleged sexual
misdoings continue to come to light.
I don’t expect this privileged coward
to be a man, and come clean in the
near future.

gobuddy · 6 months ago

Prince Andrew and Epstein go back a
long way.
The ‘Prince’ even flew to Epstein’s
Virgin Islands residence…after Epstein
came out of jail…to break ties with him,
yeah right!
Epstein is reported to have attended
Andrew’s Daughter’s birthday bash at
Sandringham, with Ghislaine Maxwell,
and spent time together on dozens of

stablegenius305 · 6 months ago

The common denominator in this sleaze
ridden scandal, is Ghislaine Maxwell, who
is apparently in hiding.
Maxwell, the daughter of the late,
disgraced media tycoon, Robert Maxwell,
was an ex girlfriend of Epstein, and
trafficked Prince Andrew’s accuser,
Virginia Giuffre, from Donald Trump’s
Mar-A-Lago resort where she was
working. Maxwell offered her a
massage position, which is how she
became involved with Epstein.
Robert Maxwell was strongly connected
with Mossaid, and Ghislaine continued
this affiliation.
Epstein was then brought in and was
filming many of the super rich members
of the elite, including Prince Andrew, for
the purpose of alleged blackmail.
The Prince, who is up to his neck in
this scandal, has lost the support of
the British public, his charitable sponsors
have deserted him, and he has been
stripped of his ‘royal duties’, and rightly
Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey
Epstein is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’,
and there are many privileged, household
name recipients of Epstein’s sex trafficking
‘business’ who will be nervously looking
over their shoulders as this scandal
Epstein, allegedly lost his life after he
was about to do a deal to reduce his
sentence for paedophilia and sex crimes.
Ghislaine Maxwell, would be a very
important witness, if only they could
find her.