Prince Andrew goes to a different church service to the royal family



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Newsroom · 5 months ago
Absinthe_Mind · 5 months ago

Andrew should be in the U.S helping the FBI rather than attending church. He has many questions to answer but continues to be in denial regarding his alleged paedophile associations. The public know who he is now, and a religious gesture will not change that at all.

SilentEyes · 5 months ago

Maybe he is trying to repent and believes he will be forgiven? If he was a Catholic, he could have tried with an indulgence, he has enough money after all.

Ive_got_a_sword · 5 months ago

OK, they are pretending that he is now disgraced. Going to a different church service…big deal! Nothing compared with what he was doing to these poor girls, together with Epstein.

CyberWorrier · 5 months ago

The Royal Family are very aware of Andrew and his crimes and will protect him to their last breath. The people know better and have no sympathy, as this privileged “blue blood” skulks away to whichever Island paradise he wishes to escape to.

stablegenius305 · 5 months ago

Of course, they are just waiting for everything to be pushed under the carpet, so that this disgraced royal can enjoy his privileges again, away from the scrutiny. And, who knows, maybe even find a new victim?!