Remainer fake news rampant in the UK





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@SilentEyes SilentEyes · #Newsroom · 8 months ago
stablegenius305 · 8 months ago

It is absolutely rife right now in British
The people have an opportunity to oust
those deceptive M.P’s in the coming
General Election.
I’m sure we will see plenty more examples
of fake news …mainly by the left, as we
get nearer to the G.E.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 8 months ago

The left and the liberals take 1st prize
for the most attempted deceptions.

Youngguari · 8 months ago

Corbyn’s nickname is ‘the chlorinated
chicken’ on several media outlets.
His fake news regarding ‘bad quality’
U.S foods and that the ‘Americans have
made a deal with Johnson to purchase the National Health Service’, are two prime

Youngguari · 8 months ago

There is no semblance of honesty in
U.K politics… just look at the referendum,
where 17.4 million voters won the right to
leave the E.U.
So many remainer politicians will say
anything to keep their ‘sweeteners’ from
Fake news in this respect is prevalent,
as the greed and ambitions of these
people, know no bounds.
The House of Lords is even worse!!

JacePearce · 8 months ago

There have been a number of unprecedented embarrassments in the
lead up to the U.K elections.
Jo Swinson, famous for promising local
uni kids free tuition, and trebling the fees,
whose husband receives huge donations
from Brussels for his ‘charity’, is one of
the most blatant.
These bar charts are completely ridiculous.
Putting her Lib Dems a few points lower
than the Tories, with the small print
explaining that the figures are a possibility,
should they do extremely well!?
Swinson has been repeatedly exposed
in interviews as naive, irrational, and
arrogant…even believing that she has a
hope of becoming P.M, when she doesn’t
have a hope in hell.
Anna Soubry, a lifelong Tory until recently,
is a remainer, like Swinson, and has
changed Parties twice since leaving, and
has less than 1 percent of the vote.
She was caught interviewing a supposed
‘soft brexiteer’, who turned out to be
a remainer… so many stupid situations
like this, you wonder why these idiots
expose themselves to future ridicule?