Facts · 3 months ago

That was the dumbest article I have ever been foolish enough to have read.

First of all, the article itself does not say that Schiff says there was no quid pro quo, he actually points out that the administration did not need to receive a quid pro quo in order to have broken the law…much like a failed bank robbery doesn’t require the crooks to get away with a bag of money in order for them to have broken the law.

Of course what the hell is PJ Media anyway? Clearly after reading that article they have zero interest in the truth or in properly educating anyone on US law.

gobuddy · 3 months ago

To begin with, Matt Margolis, who wrote that article, is a bestselling author. I could also ask…what the hell is CNN? A network designed to spread blatant lies.
Do you even understand why quid pro quo is important or what it means? Because, if there was quid pro quo, it means that the president was abusing his power. Therefore, your bank robbery analogy simply does not hold up.

By saying there is no need for quid pro quo, Schiff is looking for an exit strategy.