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Something we are all missing about Horowitz report

The Dems are cheering, because Horowitz said there was no political bias, albeit “serious errors”. Fox News and the GOP are claiming that it proves that Russia probe was a “spygate” against Trump.
But what are we all missing?

First of all, 17 errors and omissions? Do you really think it was accidental? Across FBI, the world’s most developed intelligence agency. No bias only honest mistakes?
Then read this NBC News article. FBI spying warrant was so flawed, that it is hard to believe it could be approved. The whole process is very flawed, secretive, prone to abuse. I mean…lying about there sources, Page in particular, failing to investigate Steel and his bias.
Unfortunate? I do not think so. If the whole process for obtaining surveillance warrant was flawed…what do you expect from the rest of the process?

a month ago
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