Fubiz · 9 days ago

These environmentalists will soon try
and stop people walking down the road,
in case we erode the pavement!
We are all aware that there are climate
change issues, and the carbon imprint
levels (which vary depending on which
scientist you believe).
To suggest banning Christmas and
Thanksgiving, is a ridiculous suggestion
of how to remedy this.
It is the one time, that many families get
to see each other and celebrate.
Why not have a one day ‘no mobile phone day’?
Much more sensible, and would be far more effective if it could be implemented.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 9 days ago

I like the idea of a no mobile phone day.
It would be fantastic to walk down the
road without being chastised, for being
bumped in to???

Ive_got_a_sword · 9 days ago

I can see the headline now, ‘masked activist
attacks man with turkey’!