The Brexit party decides to step aside



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Youngguari · 5 months ago

Farage probably got some assurances of getting a position in the government if Boris wins.

GardenRose · 5 months ago

Boris will now win by a large majority
thanks to Farage putting the country

SilentEyes · 5 months ago

This will be a massive blow for the likes
of Corbyn and Swinson, whose arrogance
and labelling of the Brexiteers has been
nothing less than scandalous!
They labelled Brexiteers, ‘stupid’, ‘hard
right’ and have insulted the leave voters
repeatedly as ‘little Englanders’.
The tactical voting, which has been
made possible by Nigel Farage, should
make sure that Democracy will be
implemented… at last.

Absinthe_Mind · 5 months ago

Farage will cement himself into the
History books, as a Patriot who respected the will of the people.
What is missing in this piece, is that
Johnson has disagreed with the E.U’s
proposal of a 3 year’transition period’, and
has reduced this to 1 year…which will
mean that trading will come sooner
and other E.U policies will not be as
drawn out.
So, this is the nearest Farage will get to
a ‘clean break Brexit’, and to assure Brexit
is implemented, he has withdrawn his
M.P’s from the Tory held constituencies.
Major boost for leavers (including 5
million Labour voters), who have been
betrayed by career politicians.
Not such good news for the remoaners.