patkgreen · 2 months ago

Fake news is absolutely rife within
the British media (ring a bell?).
There was a photograph of a baby
lying on a floor in a National Health
Service hospital which was confirmed
to be staged.
Many other unsavoury tactics are bring
implemented as this is the big deal for
the Brits, and Brexit has dominated
for 3 years.
I agree with the poster below, keep
a good eye on those ballot boxes.

SilentEyes · 2 months ago

Brexit has certainly divided many
communities, and households.
I fear that a Boris victory will have
very negative repercussions.
The left, a little like the Democrats,
are very likely to react with their
fists if Corbyn is defeated, as the media
has pumped this up to fever pitch
My other concern is that postal voting
is scrutinised very carefully as multiple
cases of voting fraud has been uncovered
in recent by elections, mainly coming
from Corbyn supporters.
Let’s hope everything is undertaken
peacefully and legally.