The EU is treating Italy with contempt





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@IraqiVet49 IraqiVet49 · #Newsroom · 8 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 8 months ago

Many refer to the E.U as the fourth reich, they are not far wrong!

FireStorm · 8 months ago

Thr E.U is a repellent organization made up of unelected beaurocrats who have no respect for the people of the Nations under their twisted umbrella. They treated the Greeks with contempt and were willing to take ancient treasures and own parts of Athens as evil money lenders and the lack of support for the Greeks with the recent migrant invasion says it all. The E.U will be no more within 10 years, thank God for that.

magahat · 8 months ago

Contemptuous, splintering, self serving organization.