The profile of London terrorist





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gobuddy · 8 months ago

European countries are too lenient when it comes to immigration and terrorism.

CyberWorrier · 8 months ago

Radical Islamist attacks, especially around Europe, is a growing problem, and it doesn’t seem to be going away soon.

ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 8 months ago

I read today that Priti Patel the U.K Home Secretary has passed a legislation to review sentencing and also review serving prisoners and whether their radicalisation (quite often cleverly hidden) would merit more caution regarding early release.

Ive_got_a_sword · 8 months ago

This terrorist was under close surveillance by the security services and his main objective in life was to do himself and many others harm, fortunately the police killed this madman after he stabbed and injured two people in South London.

LukeBizzare · 8 months ago

Suresh Amman was arrested three years ago at eighteen years old after showing his desire to fight and die for al- quaida and Islamic state. He even sent beheading videos to his girlfriend, advising her to kill her ‘kuffar’ parents! Why was this time bomb of an individual released half way through his sentence, surely the recent London Bridge terrorist attack, (resulting in three innocent Brits being stabbed to death) underlined the need for harder sentencing, and in certain cases deportation. There are too many radical Islamists unaccounted for in the UK, I read a figure of over 2,000, it’s a huge problem for the security services, whilst knife crime in London and other major cities are at record highs. The subject of Islamic terrorism is obviously controversial especially as the vast majority of Muslims are good people, but there are far too many nut jobs intent on doing damage to ‘kuffars.’ The prison system places youngsters together with radical jihadists and bingo, another convert. So more segregation in prisons, and longer, tougher sentencing need to be implemented. Protecting the British public should be the top priority here.