The revenge of democracy in the UK election





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Fubiz · 7 months ago

It is the revenge of democracy only if we understand democracy simply as the rule of majority.
But if we understand democracy as being about rights (including minority rights) and being able to make informed decisions…Then, no, I do not think so.

Aoc_ate_my_fruitloops · 7 months ago

This was an unprecedented victory for
Those who were ignored by their M.P’s
after voting for Brexit, had the last laugh.
Brexit is now done, and many of those
M.P’s are out of a job.

stablegenius305 · 7 months ago

This was a massive victory for the Tories,
the biggest in decades.
The Labour Party skulked away with a
bloody nose, and it was warranted.
When the Brexit referendum, ( the
biggest vote in British history) was
delivered 3 years ago, it was a legal,
‘once in a lifetime’ vote.
The Brexiteers won, they waited until
now…via the General Election, to
put 2 fingers up to the remainer M.P’s
who stalled the implementation of
Brexit whilst accusing Brexiteers of
being ‘little Englanders,’ ‘racists’ and
questioned the intelligence of the
Teresa May…a remainer, negotiated a
bad deal with the E.U (no free trade,
open immigration, and a 50 billion
withdrawal bonus!
This was voted down by remoaners in
both major parties… and there was a
Johnson replaced May, and kicked out
the anti Brexit mp’s, many who joined
remainer parties.
In the recent General Election or should
I say Brexit payback vote, almost all of
those mp’s were defeated.
The Labour Party or, the Islington Elite
as they are referred to, were always
absolutely assured of support in the
northern industrial towns, backing
Labour in some cases for the last 100
years but were forgotten by the party,
disenfranchised. The people have fought
back, and the overall majority for the
Tories was justifiable revenge against
the patronizing ‘elite’ who will take a
long time recovering from this mauling.

Youngguari · 7 months ago

Just wait and see whether he will deliver Brexit.
I think not.
It will be a long time before the UK leaves the EU.

stablegenius305 · 7 months ago

The option for a ‘no deal’ Brexit is
still on the table, and the majority
of Brits would certainly favour that
Now that Boris has replaced his
remainer colleagues with pro
Brexit allies, at last the Tories have
unity which is essential in the battle
ahead in getting a deal through.
It depends on which deal Johnson
pursues, but I agree, it could well
take longer than many expect…
including Johnson.