The rise of catastrofashion





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@SilentEyes SilentEyes · #Newsroom · 19 days ago
SleepyJoe · 19 days ago

People are selfish by nature some more than others. The panic over Coronavirus is caused by the same idiots who queue up for 3 days for a cheap tv in the sales and save 200 dollars, pushing people out of the way like a bunch of locusts. It’s the ‘me’ society these days, why would these fools with their cellar full of ‘protective’ masks care about anybody else?

stablegenius305 · 19 days ago

It is only the matter of time before Nike, Addidas etc…start selling branded masks.

patkgreen · 19 days ago

I can see it now, ‘get your double protection, on royal approval, the Harry and Meghan mask.’ I’ll get my coat!

magahat · 19 days ago

Written on the front, “for those with a sense of duty.”