SilentEyes · 15 days ago

Trump will despatch any of this ragtail bunch of Democrats put in front of him, the people will re-elect him without any doubt.

Lisabprice · 14 days ago

Yes we will. And support him 100%

FireStorm · 14 days ago

The Democrats continue to attempt to put ‘round pegs in square holes’ while Trump is going from strength to strength. And he conducted himself really well at the S O.T.U address, no mention of the impeachment, nothing really controversial unless you count a supposed handshake with skeketor. A very good few days for the President.

magahat · 15 days ago

Trump surprised me with his delivery (I realize he was screen assisted) in his State of the Union address, ok ,we had the reality show style…‘come on down’ style of presentation at some points, but the guests all had valid standing and Trump rewarded them all in a heart warming fashion. Trumps mojo is still intact and his support has not been affected one bit as he gets ready to take on Bernie or the beleaguered Biden. Trump is looking very good for a second term.