stablegenius305 · 3 months ago

In the meantime…fires are raging in California.

IraqiVet49 · 3 months ago

Enter Greta Thunberg with her anti Trump,
anti Christ, Soros backed rhetoric.
Like a manic midget, she’ll be after you

IraqiVet49 · 3 months ago

And so he should… Climate change is a hoax that only a bunch of kids like Greta can believe in. Our industry cannot make any progress with those stupid regulations.

ashandkev · 3 months ago

There are so many grey areas relating
to climate change…plus , there are
institutions set up to line their own
pockets/take advantage of the
Conflicting scientific assessments, make
this subject difficult to read.
Trump will come on board as and when
the stats fit the purpose.