Trump can still win, but we can stop him





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@GardenRose GardenRose · #Newsroom · 3 months ago
Fubiz · 3 months ago

Not so much as a whimper from deranged Joe. He was last seen trying to record a ‘message to the Nation’ sat at a microwave.

SilentEyes · 3 months ago

Trump hatred just for the sake of it, when we need a bi-partizan, adult response to this disaster… nothing changes for the left, let’s politicize rather than contribute to helping to solve this pandemic…idiots!

truth_hurts · 3 months ago

CNN still ramping up the panic. Instead of talking about how the mortality rate keeps getting lower or the people who don’t even know they have it, today a story from somebody in the hospital who, “felt like I was going to die.” In the end, I bet we find this flu is about the same as normal influenza. Worldwide cases right now are 330,000 infected. After just 3 months in 2009 in America alone, H1N1 had infected 15 million…in America alone. I’ll be curious if we had a massive over-reaction to this because it was unknown. Was it worth decimating the economy and causing all the unemployment? The mortality rate is falling to around 1% and keeps dropping as more get tested.

GardenRose · 3 months ago

You are not giving up, are you? Comparing this thing with seasonal flu and H1N1 even though it is 10 times more deadly (even in the best -case scenario of 1% death rate) and even though it spreads much more quickly.

truth_hurts · 3 months ago

The more people being tested keeps lowering the mortality rate. There’s about 335,000 worldwide cases so far. At this point in 2009, in America alone, we had 15 million infections. I’m not sure what part of these real, factual numbers you aren’t understanding. If you want to believe we are all going to die have at it. Right now the numbers are trending in America to be like any other flu and far less impactful than H1N1.

JacePearce · 3 months ago

What on Earth are you talking about man? Where did you get that “At this point in 2009, in America alone we had 15 million infections”. Where did you get that number? In the first 60 days COVID-19 has grown 400% faster than H1N1 did. It spreads much more quickly (its basic reproduction number is 2-2.5 compared with 1.46 for H1N1) and its death rate is 1% in the best-case scenario, just like Garden Rose said, compared to 0.02% for H1N1.

magahat · 3 months ago

Trump will win …no question about that.