Trump distances himself from Giuliani?

Trump said today that anyone who wanted to know what Giuliani was doing in Ukraine would have to talk to Rudy, who “has other clients other than him”. It is very similar to the way Trump talked about his convicted attorney Cohen, claiming that he never directed him. The problem is…both Giuliani and Cohen were Trump’s henchmen, and everyone who talked to either of them, felt that they were being directed by Trump. That is what Sondland mentioned. However, Trump is exploiting the fact that none of these witnesses spoke to him directly, but always to Rudy, who, theoretically, could have had his own agenda. But is it realistic? Not really. Especially considering that Trump has a history of distancing himself from people who could place him in danger. Furthermore, all witnesses described Rudy as a point of contact. But Trump is testing the waters here, because he does not want to turn against Giuliani right away-Rudy could decide to spill the beans any moment.

2 months ago
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