Trump: I have the real polls



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #Newsroom · 5 months ago
JacePearce · 5 months ago

It is really not surprising that Trump’s
poll figures are high regarding impeachment.
Pelosi and Schiff (The kings of spin)
have a drip feed to the media and
for 3 years have rabidly chased
Trump in order to remove him as
President. Maybe some of the electorate
believe It because it has been forced
upon them for such a long time?
The Dems, working away in their
secret chamber, decline any bi-partizan
hearing, which is outrageous, and
the electorate are beginning to wonder
what they are hiding?
Trump will not be too concerned, for
2 reasons. Firstly, Biden is still under
scrutiny for the Ukrainegate/Hunter
rumours, and, the polls were just a
little wrong in 2016.