Trump in for more travel bans?





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@LukeBizzare LukeBizzare · #Newsroom · 3 months ago
CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

It must be a Nationwide ban for up to a month which would cover the peak of the virus. It’s stupid risking infected foreigners coming here or sending our people abroad, let’s sort out our house first and beat this virus.

truth_hurts · 3 months ago

Hmmm, suddenly strong borders are important. Amazing.

CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

Every country is doing the same. This a national emergency and a pandemic.

gobuddy · 3 months ago

I think a full travel ban should be implemented, and so do the vast majority of Americans. I heard today that the U.K are still having flights from New York, Tehran and Rome…amongst others, and passengers are not screened upon arrival, so anyone with COVID-19 are able to wandering around potentially infecting others. Meanwhile, Brit police in Derbyshire have put black dye in a beauty spot called the ‘blue lagoon’ in the Peak district to dissuade visitors…a strange choice of priority?