Trump: Johnson and Farage would form unstoppable force





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #Newsroom · 5 months ago
Fubiz · 5 months ago

Too late mate…Johnson has rejected Trump’s suggestion, so he will have to wait for another chance to be a godfather.

Absinthe_Mind · 5 months ago

The opposition Parties will be very nervous
about this prospect.
The Labour Party, still reeling after the
in house anti semitism scandal, are trailing
the Tories considerably in the polls.
The Lib Dems, after a positive Party
conference have faded and will not
accept any form of Brexit, coupled
with some embarrassing tv interviews
with their leader Jo Swinson.
The door is wide open for talks between
Farage and Johnson, we will see what

SilentEyes · 5 months ago

If they can settle the animosity between
themselves, I agree, they would be formidable.

Youngguari · 5 months ago

Trump is completely on the money here.The sticking point would be,‘what type of
Brexit’. The Farage preference would
be for a ‘clean break Brexit’ and Johnson
has his 'deal, which gives more concessions
to the E.U.
If they were to come to a compromise,
they will win the General Election with
a Alliance. Farage is willing to walk away
and disband the Brexit Party, when Brexit
is done, and I believe he would, which
would appeal to Johnson.
If they cannot agree, then we can expect
a flurry of tactical voting to damage
Labour’s aspirations.