Trump violated international law when he killed Soleimani

Having a legal background, I can say that Trump’s decision to kill Iranian general is not only a politically CATASTROPHIC decision, but also a violation of international law. The only possible exception to a prohibition on the use of military force is self-defense. However, you cannot claim self-defense in response to the attack which may occur in the future. The attack must be IMMINENT. In this case, it is obvious that the attack was not imminent.

2 months ago
patkgreen · 2 months ago

Why should our great nation obey international law anyway? Superpower does what it takes to stay safe. International law can sometimes get in the way.

chopsuey · 2 months ago

“Why should I obey any law? I do what it takes to stay safe. Law can sometimes get in the way.” If everyone felt this way the world would be complete anarchy.

FireStorm · 2 months ago

Spot on! That is the reason why we have lost all the respect we once had in the world.