Trump wants to save the economy and let people die





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@JacePearce JacePearce · #Newsroom · a year ago
ashandkev · a year ago

What a load of nonsense, the author is more motivated in politically hammering Trump than offering a sensible solution.

gobuddy · a year ago

More crap from the great Jeet Heer…(who?) Canadian far left agitator renowned for several unimaginative fabrications.

truth_hurts · a year ago

Funny, no mention of how Dem’s are holding up 2 Trillion in relief just to sneak in their wish list of non-virus related items like higher standards for airline carbon footprints, tax credits for solar panels and better bargaining powers for unions. That seems necessary while people suffer and are in need. Your Democratic leader’s looking out for you in a time of crisis.

CyberWorrier · a year ago

Non-virus related items? Republicans are taking people hostage by not accepting sensible suggestions and trying to bail out the rich.

truth_hurts · a year ago

Silly retort. Solar panel tax credits seem important right now ,eh? $35 million for the Kennedy Center? Election reform? This is what is holding up the relief package thanks to your Dem leaders.