Trump wants to tie Romney to Burisma?



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@Youngguari Youngguari · #Newsroom · 2 months ago
LukeBizzare · 2 months ago

is it not a little coincidental that Joe Black, Romneys security advisor, was involved with Burisma in 2012?

Ive_got_a_sword · 2 months ago

Trump would like to tie him to a tree and shoot him, Burisma will do though.

stablegenius305 · 2 months ago

Hahaha…yes, if all else fails, Burisma will suffice.

Absinthe_Mind · 2 months ago

Trump is rampaging against his foes and loving it, he’s in a his own reality t.v world and is after Romney, or anyone else who questions his lunacy.