Trump will make his own decisions about the economy



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FireStorm · 16 days ago

The figures have started to drop in Italy for the first time, which is very encouraging as they suffered the most deaths…more than China. I agree with Trump, economy and health must be tackled together or the mess will be catastrophic. Anyway, the virus was ‘Made in China,’ so it shouldn’t last too long.

JacePearce · 16 days ago

The problem is that you cannot make decisions about the economy without making decisions about people’s health and lives. And Trump has no empathy.

truth_hurts · 16 days ago

Hmmm, keep everyone out of work with no way to pay their bills, buy food, keep their jobs or, bring them back to work as the scientists develop a treatment and vaccine for this virus (A virus you currently have a 98.7% chance of surviving or not even knowing you have). All that with the information that the survival rate keeps increasing as more people are being tested. I guess Jace would choose to make people suffer while decimating the economy and driving the country into years of recession for a virus that may end up being be no more deadly than the common flu? Population of China is 1.4 Billion/China Covid 19 Deaths is 3200…Population of US is 320 million/US Covid 19 deaths is about 700/US influenza deaths is about 38,000 this year. So let’s crush the economy?

CyberWorrier · 16 days ago

I don’t believe that Trump is lacking empathy, he is in a acutely difficult situation trying to ward off this pandemic while trying to avoid the economy going down the toilet.

LukeBizzare · 16 days ago

Trump must juggle between economy and health just to keep our heads above water.