Trump's campaign against Biden will be an ugly one





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@Absinthe_Mind Absinthe_Mind · #Newsroom · 10 months ago
truth_hurts · 10 months ago

It should be pretty entertaining. Hopefully, Joe remembers which office he’s running for. They could write it on his hand for reference but he’d probably forget it’s there.

CyberWorrier · 10 months ago

The ‘industrial’ language and insults could get pretty ripe. These two know each other well and the insults will be flying around. I still question whether Biden has the mental stamina to fight Trump, all will be revealed. Let’s not count Sanders out, I realise that he is opposed by just about everybody apart from his loyal army of lefties, but Biden could implode at any given moment.

Sarahknowsbest · 10 months ago

Biden is making himself vulnerable by just being out there. Someone else might have a few reservations about calling out another candidate over mental issues, but Trump is not that person. It will be ugly. It will be bloody.

stablegenius305 · 10 months ago

It’s gonna get real dirty that’s for sure. After all the digging on both sides, we may see both of them impeached, that’s a thought?