Tucker: Cuomo will be the Democratic nominee





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FireStorm · 2 years ago

I agree with Tucker regarding Biden and his regressive mental health, but Cuomo? Yes, he has been informative with his updates to New Yorkers, but does that make him a Presidential candidate…of course not, he was not so popular in N.Y before this pandemic, very far fetched utterings from Tucker and the Dems would prove just how desperate they are if they were to consider Andrew Cuomo.

truth_hurts · 2 years ago

He’s an idiot and his state was already a disaster before the virus spread. The only reason Cuomo is even governor is because of 5 counties around NYC. He lost 47 of 62 counties in his state and still ran away with it.

patkgreen · 2 years ago

Exactly T.H, the man is a d…!


Can anyone see this coming? I think this is far-fetched. Cuomo is not even running for the President, did not have a campaign etc…