Turkey vs Greece border chaos





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gobuddy · 22 days ago

Erdogan is the most dangerous despot on the planet, he is going the Kalergi way in his desire to have his own European Caliphate, and doesn’t care how he achieves this goal. The E.U have been noticeably quiet while the armed Turks line up at the Greek border. They were there in a flash and threatened Greece, even talking about taking ancient artefacts in lieu of an outstanding payment not so long ago, where are they now. There has been multiple fake media with the migrants saying that the Greeks ordered them to strip… which was staged for the benefit of Left wing Muslim apologists, a senior member of Erdogans staff boasted that “we can destroy Greece in 4 hours”…very dangerous talk and I pray that the Greeks hold strong against this unlawful invasion. Bulgaria have offered border support, it would be good if other Nations were to step up and show some solidarity. Fake news highlights the women and children looking for sanctuary when the truth is, most of these migrants are fighting age (18-30) young males, well dressed, nice mobile phones with one aim, to get to a country where they can get the best freebies. The other worry is the coronavirus, who knows the health situation of these young chancers? I would like to see a wholesale travel ban implemented as Erdogan relies heavily on tourism and somebody brave enough to oppose Erdogans dangerous regime. The Turks under this man represent a huge danger to European and World peace. If that means a joint military intervention then so be it.

magahat · 22 days ago

Excellent analysis…Greece simply needs the wall on its border.