Warden in charge of prison during Epstein suicide moved to different facility: Source





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Ive_got_a_sword · 9 months ago

A nice gesture by Clinton, Dershowitz and Prince Andrew three of the alleged biggest names involved in the Epstein paedofile ring. The warden gets a cushy little C category prison to do his crosswords in, the sleepy guards will be ‘looked after,’ and it will all go away like magic!

gobuddy · 9 months ago

Yeah, it is obvious that they are buying his silence. Shameful. But it shows you what kind of system we live in.

Absinthe_Mind · 9 months ago

Very convenient, and another cog in the alleged murder (please don’t tell me that Epstein killed himself) squad moved aside. The two wardens are being scapegoats as they were in charge of monitoring Epstein, and ‘fell asleep’ or more likely were told to make themselves scarce for a few hours. It has gone very quiet on Nick Tartaglione, the mad cop who murdered four drug dealers. He shared a cell with Epstein prior to Epstein’s first ‘suicide attempt,’ his lawyer was screaming about missing video evidence… which unbelievably disappeared, and Tartaglione was looking to get the death penalty changed to life. This association has always seemed peculiar, putting a homicidal cop in a cell with a convicted paedofile who was about to name very big names. Epstein’s injuries did not suggest that he took his own life. This cover up will continue as the reputations and power connected to these A list ‘players’ will be protected, money talks.

Youngguari · 9 months ago

We go into the next phase of this obvious cover up which is being implemented from the very top.